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Choosing a Psychologist who is qualified, experienced, and a good fit for you is crucial for a successful therapy experience. Here are some things to consider:

  • Credentials: Look for therapists who are licensed in your province or country. This means they have completed the necessary education and training to provide therapy services. The minimum for a Psychologist is a Masters Degree.

  • Experience: It may be helpful to choose a therapist who has experience working with clients who have similar issues to yours.

  • Approach: Different therapists use different approaches to therapy. Research different types of therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or EMDR therapy, to consider which approach may work best for you.

  • Compatibility: It is important to find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and safe. You may want to schedule an initial consultation to get a sense of whether the therapist is a good fit for you.

Once you have chosen a therapist, it is important to have realistic expectations and to be open to the process. Therapy is not a quick fix, and it may take time to see progress. It is also important to discuss any potential risks or benefits of therapy with your therapist, as well as any questions you have about the process.

Finally, therapy is a commitment, and it is important to honor that commitment in order to get the most out of your therapy experience. This may mean attending regular sessions, actively participating in therapy, and being open and honest with your therapist about your thoughts and feelings.

Please note: recordings of session, or secondary conversations, in any form, (video, audio, or any other method) is strictly prohibited without written permission of Elizabeth Forbes, Flow Psychology Inc.  If meeting online - you MUST ensure you are alone in the session. Only people who have requested permission in writing by Elizabeth Forbes, Flow Psychology Inc.,  (in advance) may attend your session. Others may NOT listen without requesting permission from Elizabeth Forbes, Flow Psychology Inc.   

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